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Well-Being and YOU

This informal CPD article on Well-Being and YOU was provided by Vivienne Barnes, Coach, Trainer & Counsellor of Woolston Well Being, providers of Well Being and Emotional Health client work and group talks.

I believe it’s a good idea to occasionally evaluate how we are doing and consider are we OK about ourselves, our relationships and our lives. As a Well Being Coach this subject is close to my heart. You see it is so important to feel OK about ourselves because if we don’t feel OK about ourselves then that ‘lack, gap, or need’ will make us vulnerable in some way whether that be over eating, heavy drinking, recreational drugs, obsessive shopping or excessive gambling to fill the void.

It could make one vulnerable to inappropriate unsafe relationships potentially leading to all sorts of expensive horrible scams. The lack gap or need can also transfer onto ‘others’ or one particular ‘other’ such as a close friend or ‘better half’. This issue could ultimately lead to the break-down of relationship and continue on to forthcoming relationships.

Having friends leads to a longer life – they boost our self-esteem and provide support and as people age we are more discerning, more selective about those we spend time with, so for this reason alone I suggest it is good to ensure we are all OK about ourselves (and be good to be around) and not to emit our NOT OK stuff onto others and in doing so push others away.

By NOT OK stuff I mean when we or others are always moaning about something or other – it can be hard to continually support them-perhaps you recognise the feeling of barely having enough energy for yourself let alone the energy for others!

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