Well Being and Emotional Health

by Vivienne Barnes

Registered Member of the BACP

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy


Well Being and Emotional Health client work and group talks

Qualified Therapeutic Counsellor Spring 2013

  Well Being and Emotional Health Talks

Welcome to my world of wellbeing

In my opinion all ages would benefit from understanding themselves, and their relationships with others, more fully. To gain a level of knowledge that can provide a tool kit to handle life’s ongoing difficulties and indeed to handle difficult people. My work on ‘emotional health and well-being could for example potentially help prevent the enormous numbers of people struggling with anxiety.

The Talks are designed to enable participants to question how they think, challenge their views on self and others, in an effort to become more robust resilient. It will help communication and understanding of others. My Talks provide the tool kit for handling life’s ongoing difficulties and indeed handling difficult people.



My talk helps participants improve all personal relationships. Helping to understand oneself better and also most importantly, others. An excellent opportunity to learn gems of wisdom from a counsellor. Have questions answered. Gain personal insights into emotional events and be empowered to handle life’s difficulties and difficult people. Previous participants of all ages and backgrounds have positively acknowledged this interesting, fun and punchy presentation packed full of tips covering all elements of human behaviour.


What is the talk about?

Talks will help participants understand themselves in greater detail, and others.

I cover the following:

How do we perceive ourselves?

How do we perceive others?

What motivates you?

What is your style?

Are you aware of the affect of your behaviour on others?

Do you find yourself mis-understood sometimes?

Have you, or do you have, confusing or simply difficult relationships with others?

Why do we think how we think?

Do others play ‘mind games’ with you?..or do you play them with others and wonder why?


Who is the talk for?


Anyone wishing to understand themselves more..and to potentially improve their people skills such as:


Parents, single people, business people, school teachers & heads, managers, supervisors, staff, unemployed, retired, school leavers, youngsters & students, chair of committees, and so on.


General information and Testimony


The talk is planned for 1 hour plus half an hour for the question and answer session.


The talk is interesting, understandable, a mix of challenging and humorous content as participants recognise themselves or others in their life. It is considered well-paced


Participants will most certainly gain personal insights. Testimonials without exception express the delight in having ‘light bulb’ moments…and some get more than one!


Participant numbers are negotiable. Between 20 and 30 is good for Youngsters, so that I can keep an eye on everyone and give support if needed giving everyone the opportunity to either gain personal insights and/or consider ways forward with those insights.


Audiences of greater numbers is fine with Adults.


Feedback following the talk is welcomed.


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