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On Wednesday 26th June at Chichester College, Vivienne Barnes, Well Being Coach, Woolston Well Being, gave a free Talk on the subject of Emotional Health and Well Being. This was part of the annual Festival of Learning series of talks organised by Dawn Gracie.
Vivienne was delighted with the feedback and glad that Councillor Richard Plowman, Mayor of Chichester enjoyed her Talk and gave the vote of thanks. Richard said today,’The Talk was very well received Vivienne by everyone, professonal and direct, and i could relate to it personally, well done.’

Some great stats
41 booked
38 attended
26 forms completed and handed in upon exit after the talk
68.5% responded
Hear of the Talk? 50% from one of my promotions
Length of Talk? 88.5% About Right (as opposed to too short or too long)
Pace of Talk? 100% About Right (as opposed to too fast or too slow)
Speaker Style? 92.3% Interesting (as opposed to average or dull)
Talk understandable? YES 100%
Learn anything new? YES 96.15%
Will you be able to use it? YES 96.15%