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If you met her at a party and didn’t know what her occupation was then the warmth in her voice might offer a clue. But this is a second career for the West Wittering based Well Being Coach, who having enjoyed a fulfilling professional life in the business and charity sector decided to embark upon counselling training when prompted by a friend, who recognised Vivienne’s natural empathy, listening skills and fundamental interest in human behaviour. After several years of training Vivienne is now fully qualified as a counsellor whose speciality is well-being and emotional health. “I have taken the essence of my training and made it accessible to all,” explained Vivienne. “I would love to see my specific well-being and emotional health coaching included as part of personal development, most especially for school leavers,” she told me, adding that invites to give talks in schools as part of a pilot she is working on would be most welcome.

A great believer that when armed with the professional knowledge she learnt whilst training that people can be empowered to better understand others and indeed their own behaviour, especially in relationships, Vivienne assured me that she can provide coaching in these life skills, along with her top tips for happiness.

“There are few individuals that have never had a relationship problem with a family member, a boss, a neighbour, a spouse or a friend and my work provides a tool kit for handling life’s ongoing difficulties and indeed difficult people.” Promising ‘light bulb’ moments for clients from all walks of life and of all ages, she is adamant that it is never too soon to start and that you’re never too old to learn. “It’s important to understand that we all do the best we can, not others idea of our best, but what is right for us, given our resources.

“I consider that I give people the opportunity to really understand themselves, in a non-judgemental way, and to know when it’s appropriate to simply be kind to themselves,” she said, going on to advise that anyone contemplating seeing a counsellor should do so sooner rather than later, before anxiety levels rise to high.

With glowing testimonials from numerous grateful clients, Vivienne credits the fact that she has life experience as well as the relevant credentials as being instrumental in her professional success.

“I’ve been around the block a bit and that helps. Also, when I give talks people really appreciate not only how informative the talk is, but how very interesting the subject is. It has been described as fun and punchy and I am very OK about that,” she laughed. Offering group work,

private sessions and a ‘train the trainer’ programme, as well as presentations in which she delivers wisdom in accessible bit-sized chunks that inspire rather than baffle, I suspect that with Vivienne as

your coach you would be well prepared for the obstacles we all find on life’s path.

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