Selection of testimonials received following my talks and or my private work.

1st May 2019

Testimonial from a client following an Emotional Health and Well Being private appointment

Dear Vivienne  Thank you again for this morning, I really enjoyed it.

Vivienne’s approach is convivial, knowledgeable, personal and draws from experience with real life examples bringing the content to life and giving depth.  She is professional and has clear passion for her subject which translates to you during the seminar/presentation.  Although a number of the concepts and tools I knew of, it is always a powerful reminder to have them refreshed and to be reframed within one’s current time in life.  It is a powerful reflection when a life tool delivers a ‘light bulb moment’ or enables you to have a  deeper understanding of a situation, feeling or relationship in your life and suddenly you can see the way through… as Vivienne covers a wealth of tools in her repertoire you are almost guaranteed to experience one or many that will help you to find an enhanced feeling of wellness and enable personal growth and development.  It allows space and time for personal reflection, self-awareness and to invest in yourself towards a harmonious and empowered sense of wellbeing for both you and those around you.

With best wishes, Sara

Emotional Health and Well Being Workshop presented by
Vivienne Barnes, Well Being Coach
November 2017

Dear Vivienne
Thank you again for coming to deliver the session to our students. It was greatly welcomed and has proved to be a very beneficial and thought-provoking workshop. It is evident that the students have learnt new skills, and increased their knowledge base relating to effective communication. It is clear from the feedback that the students would highly recommend your workshop to others
They really enjoyed the workshop day and found it greatly enjoyable and beneficial

Thank you

Kindest Regards

16 University students in their 2nd year as Children’s Nursing Students, attended a half day workshop, in order to be more fully aware of well-being and emotional health most especially with young patients. The workshop consisted of a series of lectures supported by visuals and backed up by a workbook. It was hugely interactive with time to interact with fellow students throughout the afternoon, many questions asked and explanations given. On completion the students were invited to provide feedback on the following questions in order to asses the level of satisfaction with the workshop

1) How did you feel about the academic content of the workshop?
2) Did the workshop meet your expectations?
3) How did you feel about the presentation style?
4) What were the strengths of the workshop?
5) Did you learn anything new?
6) Will you be able to use the learning in the future?
7) Can you share a key learning experience?
8) What were the weaknesses of the workshop?
9) Would you recommend the workshop to others?
10) Further comments please

In summary the responses strongly confirmed that the participants were very satisfied with the workshop content commenting that it had met their professional and academic needs, that it had been presented in a clear and coherent manner and that it had kept their interest throughout. They found it highly relevant to their training and future roles and that it contained much new material and ideas which would certainly be applicable to their jobs. The workshop had provided the seeds of new ideas and examples of how to relate these to real life situations, both at work and with friends and family. Several students commented that they felt much better equipped to discuss issues surrounding well being and felt it was a great help to them personally in dealing with the stresses of the job and relating positively to their clients. When asked if they would recommend the workshop to others they all answered very positively and little or no changes were suggested when invited to do so. Overall it was clear that the breadth and depth of the subjects covered by the workshop had met and covered a number of different needs and interests

Having served in the Military for 22 years, and presently a Personal Trainer for 11 years, I have certainly seen life with all its complexities.  I am happy to share that I found Vivienne’s Talk on ‘Emotional Health & Wellbeing’, informative, refreshing, powerful and fun.

Giving manageable bit size chunks of excellent inter personal skills training engaging all my senses so that I could easily relate it all to my life. Personally it breathed fresh air on my childhood and I just wish someone had taken the time and trouble to explain and help me understand these gems of wisdom when I was a youngster and just knowing that I could have spoken with someone on these relevant topics could have helped me.

Interestingly the talk was not only gently challenging but also very ‘punchy’ and to the point.  I certainly learnt something new and I know I shall be able to use it in the future within relationships whether business or social.

Thank you so much Vivienne. I really do wish you all the very best with your initiative. You will certainly help people from all walks of life.  Well done.

Hello Vivienne, thank you again for the sessions which I found really useful, my head was buzzing!; it has made me realise how unfair I had (sometimes) been with others and (often) myself. Looking back at Maslow theory of needs, my aim is to work on self-esteem with a view to reach (eventually) my full potential in self-actualisation.

I also really like the piece on enjoying the Now…your way of sharing Mindfulness ..very helpful..thank you .dealing with the present better..yes I  feel can use what I have learnt..certainly learnt new stuff…I would like to implement these new  and very worthwhile findings in my every-day life.. it would also be great to discuss in a group session, about other people ‘s appreciation…and yes I would recommend to others..

Thank you

General Comments

So helpful! Thank you so much, really helped with learning to stand back and observe interaction between myself and others.

I will most certainly be able to use the ‘transference’ saga, and also really liked the ‘deflecting anger’ you taught,

I would certainly recommend this talk to others, really liked the part of handling feelings of being ‘overwhelmed’, and really liked the Parent Child section,

When I think of the years I went through counselling over a particular issue with my mother, and here you are in an hour explaining all this stuff…thank you,

‘thank you for such an interesting talk to the group, during refreshments I overheard several women they would look at relationships differently from now on especially their own reactions and responses to family and friends’, ‘would have no hesitation in recommending you as a speaker not only for the content but also your professional and interesting delivery,’  your method of showing ‘games people play’ fascinated everyone, I feel you gave everyone the opportunity to look at their own behaviour and understand other people in their lives, thank you for making a difference to the members lives,

Thank you very much, it was very enlightening,

A brilliant talk and it will be very helpful,

Enjoyed the presentation – makes you think – relating it to issues in your own life,

Interesting session, many thanks, (learnt something new and confirmed some thoughts)

Brilliant talk – So very helpful – I realise at last how I am always the ‘rescuer’ in relationships and I can see why things go wrong for me….thank you so much,

Well presented – easy to follow – good – positive vibes – enjoyable (very much so),

Well done, I really enjoyed your talk, hopefully one of many,

Thank you …really helps me understand relationship issues,

Comments responding to new areas of learning that would be helpful in the future

Relationships with adult children

Improving family relationships

Looking at my teenage grandchildren in a different way!

To stand back and think!

Reminder of checking negative feelings and not letting them spiral

The simple I’m Ok Your OK’ message was hugely helpful

Makes you think and take step back to review certain situations

Learn to live on my own and be happy

About forgiveness, interesting. Reminder of TA, I’m OK etc

Not confusing anger with prime emotions to be discussed

To understand others more

To tolerate others better

Clear and simple way of describing things is attractive and inspiring

Thinking about my feelings and how that persons reactions affects me

Parent relationship, people I work with who are vulnerable

Not to be so hard on my Mum

To see it from the other person side – there are always two sides

All the Top Tips – rules for living – pause – thoughts are not facts

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